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FAQs About Lead Conversion

Your Questions Answered by Conversion Experts.

Whatever your home services vertical, your expertise lies therein. As for lead conversion? That should be off your plate and on ours. 

But like any savvy businessperson, you probably have questions about lead conversion. Our sales team is expertly trained in all things conversion, from TCPA compliance to the best time to call, so we know all the answers.  

We’ve answered some of the most common questions around conversion below, but if there’s something on your mind, please reach out—we’re happy to share our expertise.

What’s the difference between conversion and lead generation?

Lead generation identifies potential customers—leads—and gains their contact information. Lead generation can occur through aggregators such as HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, or Three Ships, or through more traditional avenues like marketing. Conversion is the act of turning a digital inquiry into a qualified customer.

What does “lead conversion” mean?

Lead conversion occurs when a digital lead—someone who submitted an online request and who may be a potential customer for your business—is turned—”converted”—into a qualified customer for your business to engage with.

What happens to leads after conversion?

What happens to leads after conversion depends on your company’s sales process. We can gather the information necessary and put it in your CRM or schedule a time for your sales person to visit or engage with the customer.

How do you calculate your lead conversion rate?

Your lead conversion rate is the percentage of leads that convert into appointments or demos. In order to calculate this rate, simply divide the number of opportunities (appointments, meetings or demos) in a certain period and by the number of web leads generated in that same time period.

What is the average lead conversion rate?

The average digital lead conversion rate for the home services industry is 12%.

What is a good lead conversion rate?

The top 10% of companies have a lead conversion rate of 25% or higher. To accomplish these conversion goals, you need to ensure you have a dedicated team and are leveraging outbound calling technology.

How do you increase your lead conversion rate?

There are many areas where companies lose conversion points.

1. Data Tracking - With increased TCPA scrutiny around outbound calls, the increase in duplicate or fake leads and the necessity for follow-up, Data tracking is primordial.

2. Engagement Sequence: Time to first contact, follow-up engagement cadence and multi-medium contact are critical and need to leverage Technology.

3. Staffing:  Adequate in-house or outsourced staffing to ensure you are first to call when lead comes in. Callers need to have extensive sales and rebuttal training.

Why outsource your call center?

If you already have an in-house call center, you’re familiar with their pitfalls. Most in-house call centers do not have the scale to make them a profit center.  The lack of utilization due to volume variations, combined with heavy human capital expenses make in-house conversion costs per lead extremely high.  

Outsourcing gives the flexibility to only pay for what you need and will reduce your conversion cost per lead.

What differentiates Convertros from other outbound call centers?

We specialize in converting digital inquiries into potential customers for home servicing companies.

We achieve the highest conversion rates in the industry through a combination of proprietary calling algorithms, data indexing and a highly incentivized US based team of outbound callers.

While there are many proprietary tools we have built that enable us to achieve our conversion rates in a TCPA compliant fashion, it all comes down to our incredible team.

Being fully remote, allows us to recruit the very best talent from each of the 50 States. Being paid on success, our associates derive weekly commissions reflecting their bookings. Our rigorous sales training process around engaging homeowners, enable our clients to enhance their brand with every outbound call. 

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